In November 2013 CEQUIN organised together with the Leaders'Club of the Sanskriti School Delhi, a 2 days workshop to create awareness about gender inequality and human rights, and also to make the students "agents of change" for the cause. Students were made aware of how stereotypes are ingrained in their minds and how a male and a female, with the same qualifications and credentials, had varying positions in society, with the males being far more respected than the women with the same qualifications, for example, a male undergraduate was in a much better position in society than a female undergraduate. Students had discussions about why gender equality was such a crucial aspect which required immediate attention and thought of ways in which the administration should be convinced to tackle this pressing issue. They were challenged to find innovative solutions to enable the empowerment of women. With a presentation students were made aware of the appealing statistics regarding the status of women, be it the prevalent violence against women or the rampant neglect that they face during their lives. Another presentation educated them about the legal safeguards which are in place for the protection of women and the different approaches which are adopted while promoting women empowerment. Students were also asked to list 2 of their personal experiences with the aim to make them realise how painful it is for a woman to go through different kinds of harassment. The workshop opened the minds of the students and enlightened them about this issue which is extremely relevant to every sphere of our lives, for be it education or employment, the problem of gender inequality is faced everywhere.

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