Ummeed ki Rickshaw is a unique initiative to empower economically backward women in India and effectively break stereo types. An electric rickshaw was given to Kohinoor, a 33-year old single mother with two young boys and a mother to support. Kohinoor is an active SHG group member associated with CEQUIN. Promoted by Ummeed, the program will enable women to drive smart, environment friendly rickshaws and earn a living with dignity and respect. Ummeed will provide and maintain the electric rickshaws and train the women to use the vehicles. This is being partnered by CEQUIN to promote alternate livelihoods for women. Speaking at the launch of the initiative Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister, Government of India said, “I am delighted to present Ummeed's first rickshaw to Kohinoor. The rickshaws look very nice, they are easy to drive and cause no pollution. I am happy to support this unique initiative.”

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