• Working in emerging areas with diverse stakeholders using innovative methods
  • Synergising civil society efforts with those of government for maximum impact
  • Exploring and developing sustainable solutions
  • Transcending welfare model of charity and dole-outs to that of social enterprise and entitlements
  • Creating a feminist approach which seeks out active partnership with men
  • Linking local to global


  • Reduction of violence against women throughout their life cycle, to lead a life of dignity
  • Leadership development for inclusion and active participation of women and girls in decision making
  • Promotion of education, to achieve enhanced knowledge and skill sets of women and girls
  • Sustainable livelihoods and asset creation for women's economic well being
  • Promotion of health to address trans-generational outcomes and wellbeing of women and girls


  • Building leadership of women and girls.
  • Addressing violence against women and girls.
  • Facilitating economic empowerment of women and girls.
  • Educating women and girls.
  • Promoting health and wellbeing of women and girls

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