Established in 2009, by Sara Abdullah Pilot and Lora Prabhu, the Centre for Equity and Inclusion (CEQUIN) is an NGO that promotes the equal right of women and girls, to lead a violence-free life, develop their capabilities, have ownership and control of resources and participate and be included in decision making. CEQUIN is an autonomous centre under the umbrella organisation of the Jai Jawan Jai Kissan Trust, which was founded by the noted parliamentarian and national leader, late Shri Rajesh Pilot in 1988.

CEQUIN works across a wide spectrum of areas affecting women and girls such as violence, leadership, education, economic empowerment and health. One of CEQUIN's key interventions along the way was setting up a Gender Resource Centre (GRC) in Jamia Nagar, which was a neglected urban slum area. Since this time, CEQUIN has made huge inroads in Jamia, working with this vulnerable minority community, especially the women, by way of establishing collectives, conducting training programmes, health camps, awareness programmes and so on. Today, the people of Jamia Nagar are well on their way towards becoming a gender sensitive, empowered community. CEQUIN is also looking to expand its efforts to Mewat, Haryana and replicate a similar model by adapting it to a rural context. Another significant step taken by CEQUIN is using sports, namely football, as a tool of empowerment and leadership building and to help increase health and fitness, create group bonds and dynamics and provide a safe space for girls to develop.

Since its humble beginnings, CEQUIN has not looked back and keeps growing from strength to strength and expanding into new and exciting areas in the field of women's rights.

The latest UNDP report ranks India at 136th out of 186 countries. The figures have steadily fallen from 119th in 2010 to 136th in 2013.


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